Rosey’s Skydive with the Red Devils

When Red Trouser Day Met The Red Devils!!

Red Trouser Day Ambassador Rosey Woodhead  recently jumped out of an airplane to raise money for charity. Fortunately she lived to tell the tale – here’s her story!

Why I did the tandem skydive with the Red Devils for Red Trouser Day

My husband and I always loved to give back to causes that mean a lot to us, and RTD has definitely become a charity close to my heart. The Trustees and volunteers truly supported us at our time of need.

For me, I feel I have become a lifelong member. I do my best and try to give back, raise awareness in the best and fun way possible.

So, on Sunday 14th May 2023, I did just that… A tandem skydive with The Army Red Devils ‘World Famous’ Parachute Display Team.

This marked, what would have been my 21st wedding anniversary and in memory of my beloved husband, Paul Woodhead (1960-2019).

I travelled to the home of the Red Devils in Netheravon, Wiltshire with my daughter, Tabz to support me. The weather was fine and the airfield and landing zone was lush with buttercups.

After a 15 minute brief and anticipated wait (with the adrenaline levels rising), my name resounded across the tannoy! Off I went to get geared up! The first jumpsuit wouldn’t zip up and after a fit of hilarious laughter, I was suited up, along with gloves and goggles! Pre-flight excited and nervous interview done… GULP! I was ready!!

The roaring of the Cessna’s propellers echoed the nerves in my stomach (well probably masked the rumbling – I was thinking of the food I would eat afterwards!! Hahaha! I was sipping water most of the day!). My team were the last to get onto the plane, that was me, my instructor Steve, cameraman Nathan, and 2 Red Devils (with smoke strapped to their ankles). Which meant, we were the first to jump out!!! YIKES!!! The only way down was JUMP! EEK!!

We climbed near 14,000 feet and we were ready to go! Goggles on and strapped safely to my instructor! Facelift here we come!! 140mph+, 40 second freefall! WHOOOSH! It was exhilarating (and scary for a second or two)! I had 2 Red Devils either side with signature smoke adorning the skies in honour of RTD!

Once the parachute was deployed, my instructor took me cloud surfing, literally!! Amazing!!

A safe landing amongst the buttercup filled field later, I still felt I was in the clouds.. as did my hair!! Hahaha!

All in all, it was a true honour, to represent RTD and meet the Red Devils! Total and absolute legends!!

My heartfelt thanks to Paul Finch and Julia George, for all the support, encouragement and an amazing idea to jump with the Red Devils!

My immense appreciation and thanks to everyone who has donated and supported me with all the messages and memes!! I did it!

Please continue to support us at Red Trouser Day  Donate Here. We are a great community of people, raising awareness and funds to support prevention and early diagnosis research.

What’s the next adventure, you ask? Watch this space… we might surprise you!


Rosey Woodhead