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If you or your loved ones are going through the trauma of Bowel cancer diagnosis or treatment, we might be able to help. Every month the Red Trouser Day Patient community has an online Zoom meeting where our members listen to an expert guest speaker, and then discuss issues that affect us.

We find it an invaluable experience in a confidential space where we can discuss issues that affect us in privacy and get knowledgeable feedback from others who have been through the journey.

Often we are joined by doctors who are part of the group, and their expert input adds in-depth knowledge and support.

It is a relaxed and informal meeting area where all are encouraged to help each other, to listen and to provide a space where we can be at ease.

Join the Red trouser day community poster as shown in hospital waiting rooms

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Zoom meetings are by invitation only, if you would like to join, please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss how you can participate

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