Welcome to the Red Trouser Day Patient Hub

The Red Trouser Day patient hub is a new intitative to provide our community with vetted information about colorectal and bowel cancer.

Our aim is to develop this into a world-class resource featuring unique and relevant information that is of benefit to both our members and people affected by colorectal cancers. We have 3 topics we are currently developing:

1: Interviews

The Red Trouser Day interviews are where we talk to leading experts in their field about their work. You’ll hear in-depth information on a range of subjects relating to Colorectal and Bowel cancers, as well on other subjects that interest our members.

Red Trouser day interviews about colorectal and bowel cancers

2: Red Trouser Day Patient Community Meetings

If you or your loved ones are going through the trauma of Bowel cancer diagnosis or treatment, we might be able to help.

Every month the Red Trouser Day Patient community has a free to join online Zoom meeting where our members listen to an expert guest speaker, and then discuss issues that affect us…

3: Education portal

We are in the process of sourcing and commissioning original high quality information about colorectal cancers. When launched it will be focussed on 3 main areas:

  • Prevention and early detection of colorectal cancers
  • Treatment of bowel and colorectal cancers from a UK patient viewpoint
  • Post operative life

… Coming soon!