The secrets of Fitzrovia uncovered by Red Trouser Day Guide

The annual London guided walk took place last night where Chris, our expert guide, took us from Warren Street Tube Station, through the streets of Fitzrovia ending up at the Fitzrovia Tavern.

We learned how the original Fitzrovia was in open countryside outside and west of the main London city, but is now very much part of the metropolis. The scandals that broke out, seem reminiscent of some that still happen today from time to time.

The history of these areas in London is always fascinating, where once the escape for the wealthy, then the decline into poverty and nowadays back to the housing for the wealthy. A very enlightening chat and guide where the walk ended up in the usual social bar.

Thank you to Kevin Longhurst for organising and his work associates who kindly donated to come along. The event was very much in line with the charity objectives, raising awareness of Bowel Cancer, removing the taboo and raising funds to support research.