Red Trouser Day has reached an awesome milestone of over £250,000

Red Trouser Day reaches a milestone of over £250,000 raised. A huge thank you to all of our donors, supporters, clinician, volunteers & event organisers, lots more to do!

Red Trouser Day was started by bowel cancer survivor Paul Finch as a campaign in 2016 and became a fully fledged charity in 2017.  Supported by his wife Julia and a number of key friends of old and many new ones who have been touched by this disease, the original ambition was to raise some awareness, raise some funds for research and create some fun for those who are patients in the system.

The charity recently set a new vision “We envisage a world without Colorectal Cancer”, by funding ground breaking research. In support of this ambition in 2022 we launched a Bursary Competition inviting bright young research students to come forward with their proposals. We are now in our second year and have recently launched the 2023 bursary competition, see here for more details

Red Trouser Day is an independent community of patients, volunteers and clinicians improving outcomes through education & research into the prevention, early diagnosis and cure of colorectal cancer. When reflecting on this amazing milestone, Paul said “When I came up with the campaign suggestion, I had a hunch it would work for a while, but I am completely blown away with the continued support. Having said that, the volume of people being diagnosed has gone up and since the pandemic, the volume of people who are presenting very late has also risen enormously, so there is much to be done.”

The Board of Trustees would like thank all supporters, donors and event organisers for their enormous voluntary effort, but let’s keep going. Here’s to the next £250k and securing that vital breakthrough that will make the early detection possible.

If you are worried about Bowel Cancer, please click here for a short video.

For an introduction to the founders and the charity click on the picture.