Can you help?

Can you help us raise much needed funds in support of Bowel Cancer Research?

The annual Red Trouser Day event is taking place on 14th September at Farleigh Golf Club, Warlingham. We are holding our annual golf competition and for non golfers, a 6 mile ramble around the immediate Surrey countryside. The event is usually attended by 80-100 people and is a key contributor to our annual fund raising.

We are seeking auction and /or raffle prizes to increase our fund raising.   Do you have some thing you could offer or perhaps sponsor?

A £100 sponsorship could secure:

  • A prize with your name on it (advertised in advance and printed on the day)
  • A hole sponsored perhaps in memory of a loved one (picture and name at the hole)

Both carry mentions on our website.

For a bit more you could sponsor one of the side competitions like the putting or for a lot more the whole event could be in your name.

If you would like to help or attend, please make contact.

Current sponsors: