The Red Trouser Day Bursary 2023

Red Trouser Day is a UK colorectal cancer charity.

The Search is on for a Brilliant Cancer Research Student to Win a Bursary Worth up to £12,000

Value of bursary up to


Criteria for the award

This year’s award will go to a student whose research work shows promise in furthering the understanding of bowel cancer and contributes to preventing, improving the early detection of, or improving the treatment of colorectal cancer, aligning with the charity’s goals.

We will require the following information when assessing applications for potential funding:

  • An abstract of your intended research, your goals, aims and methodology
  • Your CV, including relevant experience, papers published (if any), conferences attended etc
  • A breakdown of how you envisage the funding will be used for your research (e.g., equipment / travel to conferences / accommodation etc)
  • How you see the potential results of your research further the understanding of bowel cancer or contribute to its prevention, early diagnosis or treatment.
  • Letter(s) of support from project supervisor(s) or other relevant academic or clinical professionals.

In addition, there are two further discretionary awards available to help students:

  • There is a travel award of £500, for undergraduate and postgraduate students researching cancer worldwide. This bursary can be used to fund travel to conferences, seminars, or for visits to the UK to further bowel cancer research.
  • A final award of up to £1,000 will be available for funding research consumables.

Application deadline

The 2023 application deadline for all applications is October  31, 2023.

All submissions should be emailed to the following email address:

  • The trustees will evaluate the submissions after this deadline, and applicants can expect to hear the outcome within a month of the deadline.
  • We will agree a payment plan and any receipts / proof of work progress as maybe required throughout the project.
  • We will require and expect to receive progress updates throughout the project as maybe agreed from time to time.


Note: We reserve the right to not award the bursary should it be decided that there are no applicants that fulfil the necessary criteria.