What Will You Do to Help Scott, Steve and Mark in 2023?

Well Happy New Year to you all and we hope you had a good festive season.

As we start to get this year under our feet, our thoughts are turning to how we can continue to help those who have been hit by this awful disease. At Red Trouser Day we are NOT clinicians, but we are a community of volunteers who have been there and can offer moral support to anyone going through the emotional and physical journey.

Which brings me onto Scott, Steve and Mark, all of whom we have spoken to in the last few days and where they have been heartened to hear a friendly voice to give hope and inspiration as they continue or start their life changing journeys. Our founder Paul was on his journey 9 years ago this month and is still showing “all clear” 😊

We need to continue to raise money to fulfil our vision of a “world without colorectal cancer” through funding research into prevention, early diagnosis and improved cure.

I therefore ask you, what can you do to help us achieve our goals this year. We are after people who like running fundraisers, people who can help with marketing and events and also people who have been through the journey and would be happy to help others with moral support.

Please contact if you are interested in getting involved.

In the meantime, please join us in wishing Scott, Steve and Mark a speedy recovery.

Research Progress News

Last year we made two awards, the first was a £14,000 bursary to a research fellow at the City University of London, Raghda Al-Halawani who is conducting a study on using light based technology for early diagnosis. This initial research is coming to an end in February and we will be giving a full update in March, but is looking promising.

Raghda Al-Halawani, Red Trouser Day Bursary winner 2022

We also awarded £8,000 to initiate a research project being led by Micol Lupi on the “burden” of anal cancer amongst women, especially amongst vulnerable groups.  Just before Christmas, Micol informed us that she is publishing a review article in the Cancers journal, “This is evidently intricately related to the projects you are supporting and sets the scene for the data collection you have kindly funded.”   Click here to read the article Anal Cancer in High-Risk Women: The Lost Tribe


With thanks to our donors and fundraisers we continue to make a difference. As a reminder, there are no employees at Red Trouser Day, meaning that 95% of funds raised are going directly to fund Research. An awesome achievement so far. Anyone with a research project idea has to make a full application to our Charity Team for proper assessment and due diligence. So Red Trouser Day really confirm where your money is being spent.

Our Next Event

Our next event is the Red Trouser Day Fund Raising virtual meeting on the 1st February at 6pm by Zoom.

Use the link below to join in the conversation:

Everyone welcome if you have a good idea to share or just want to get involved.