Red Trouser Season is Springing into Action

The Opentext Team running a Quiz Night last year, thank you to Mark and his team

We are planning a number of events in the coming months, but please feel free to add more, all in aid of our primary cause, to fund life changing research in the prevention, early diagnosis and cure of colorectal cancer. More details will be announced in due course, but dates for your diary:

Date Time Event
27th April 6.00pm Campaign Launch; at Cushman & Wakefield Offices, Portman Square
TBA May 6:00pm London City Guided Walk
7th June 7:30pm Founders Curry Night, Sitara, Archway N19
TBA July Deal, Walmer Seafront Ramble, Kent (Near Dover), Afternoon and Tea
14th Sept Annual Red Trouser Golf Day or  Country Ramble and Dinner at Farleigh Fox Golf Club
TBA Oct Tour of Westminister Abbey with our Patron Sir Kenneth Olisa
TBA Nov Annual Historical Art Tour with Julija Svetlova
23rd Nov 6:00pm Annual Donor Thank You Evening in the company of Sir Kenneth Olisa our Patron

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Research Progress News

The purpose of our fund raising work is to provide much needed funds to seed fund life changing research. We provide those initial funds to get a new initiative off the ground in order for some form of proof of concept to provide the much needed evidence for a fully funded programme. Over the years we have provided funding to support some data collection projects on certain types of disease and outcomes like a Robotics Register, which has now gone international. We have provided funding to help look into early detection like a blood test to detect polyps in the colon, and we supported a major review into the use of a kidney protein called Klotho which has both curative and early detection properties. This in turn helped the research fellow get a step up in  their career with a post in the Royal Marsden.  So your money is providing assistance in many ways, but plenty more is needed to be done.

In the last few weeks our late diagnosed patient list has added 4 more young men in their early fifties to those battling against a very life threatening condition. We are doing our bit with moral support and some guidance to help deal with the emotional challenges that cone with it.

Do get in touch if you would like to help us a volunteer or provide support in any other way, we really appreciate anything that comes our way.

Raghda Al-Halawani, Red Trouser Day Bursary winner 2022

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Our Next Event

Our next event is the Campaign Launch on the 27th April starting 6pm at the Offices of Cushman Wakefield in Portman Square. We will hear from some clinicians as to why the funds are so desperately needed as well an opportunity to catch up with your Red Trouser Day Community Friends

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