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Red Trouser Day 2020 Campaign is Launched Virtually with Poems, Music and a Video

Last night (22nd April) saw the launch of the 2020 Red Trouser Day Campaign and we hope that social distancing allows some of our events to proceed. We saw a run through of last years events in picture montage format, click here to view (don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel)

We also had a great update from Julia, Irene & Aishani regarding the fantastic work RTD is now funding. Whilst our ethos is to have fun, we make sure we carry the professionalism required to ensure the funds raised are spent appropriately and inline with our charity objectives.

Red Trouser Day (2020)

By Rosey Woodhead

Red, its hue, ever so strong
Empowering, amongst the throng
Donning these strides, is where we belong…

Trousers and chinos, in which we stance,
Rouge is one shade for our pants!
On and up we pull, from ankles to waist,
Under the belt we fasten with haste.
Scarlet covered legs and even our derrieres,
Everyone! Get those claret kecks on, who cares!
Ruby slacks, leggings and cords, come on, even those flares!

Days to remember and elevate awareness, to a cause we agree
And raise a few bob, with fun, laughter and glee…
Yes, come on! Let’s don them red pants for the RTD!

Red Trouser Day Song

Steve Smith has developed a Red Trouser Day song and is looking for backing vocalists to help with the final cut; please hear the current version here

Please let us know if you would like to join the backing vocals.

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Date Event, Location How to Book
17th June Founders Curry Night, Sitara Indian Restaurant, N19 Click here to book & more info
23rd Aug Capital Ring Walk by the Thames for 5 miles and a pub Click here to book and more info
6th Sept Family Mud Monster Run, East Grinstead, Sussex Ask Amber Lewis
10th Sept Golf Day, Sponsor OneGolfClub, Farleigh Golf Club, Tilney, Fine Art Design Click here to book and more info
TBA Coffee and Cakes Ask Tom Brown/Noel Moffat
8th Oct Guided City Guided Walk Ask Kevin Longhurst
TBA Wine Tasting Night Ask Ann Allega
15th Oct National Red Trouser Day
15th Oct Virtual Event by Zoom Ask Paul Finch