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RTD Patient Coffee Meeting Notes (16th April 2020)

The latest news from the Clinicians & a call for “What I Wish I’d Known” video volunteers

  • There is a tailing off of new Covid-19 patients coming in.
  • The Cancer Hub at the Royal Marsden is now operational and new cancer patients are being seen in clinic – the processes established allow for preparation work to be done with new patients remotely (on the phone) before they come in to clinic so limiting their time in hospital.
  • The supply of PPE for clinicians is still problematic.

We are seeking volunteers for a short video project entitled “What I’d Wish I’d Known”. We are getting together short films told from the perspective of the RTD community to help people who have received serious diagnoses and are going to go through what you or your family went through.

They may have just had their diagnosis. We want to help lead people through this time – to give them hope, inspire them, show them they are not alone. The series is going to be called “What I Wish I’d Known”. It will be put on our website and YouTube channel. If you would like to get involved please let us know. The more the merrier

Stay Safe

The Red Trouser Day team