Patient Stories: Tom Brown

The Red Trouser Day Interviews Tom Brown

In our new patient stories series we talk to people who have had Colorectal Cancer and their experiences dealing with this illness.

In our first interview we talk to the rather charming Tom Brown about his journey through diagnosis, treatment, life with a Stoma and lessons learnt.

Part 1: Introduction

In the first part of our interview Tom introduces himself, his background, and explains that until he had cancer he had only been ill for one day in his entire life.

(1 min 29 sec)

Part 2: Diagnosis & Treatment

In the second part of our interview Tom explains the symptoms he experienced that led him to visit a GP, and then being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He then describes his journey through the medical system, the treatments he had including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and his subsequent operation.

(22 min 50 sec)

“ There is an extremely good prognosis if bowel cancer is caught early ”

Part 3: Living with colostomy

In the third part of our interview Tom gives a frank first-hand account of what life is like for him living with a colostomy, and how it impacts his life.

(7 min 12 sec)

“ Life goes on – you can have a very full and pretty normal life ”

Part 4: Don’t ignore the signs

Tom describes the symptoms he noticed that led him to be suspicious that he had colorectal (bowel) cancer, and why it is vitally important that you do not ignore these symptoms.

(7 min 12 sec)

“ The good work that the Red Trouser Day has done has started for many people like me and other recent patients in bringing us together ”

Part 5: The importance of Mental Health & The Red Trouser Day Charity

In the last part of our interview Tom discusses the importance of mental health and how being part of the Red Trouser Day community, and engaging with others who have had colorectal cancers, has helped him through his journey.

(3 min)


It was inspirational interviewing Tom; his story shows that it is entirely possible to have colorectal cancer and go on to live a full and happy life. His words of wisdom and his dry witt bring much light to the dark subject of cancer. He should be an inspiration to us all.