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Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on cancer services


Imperial College, with Chelsea and Westminster and Royal Marsden leading the way internationally in understanding the impact of Covid-19 on cancer services and doctors

At RTD, we have heard from clinicians attending our weekly coffee mornings of the need to understand the impact of Covid-19 on cancer services and on expanding our understanding internationally to better tackle this pandemic and to learn lessons for the future, as well as to continue delivering vital cancer services today.

We have also heard from our younger clinicians how their experiences during this pandemic are changing their own practice, and we have yet to hear directly how the pandemic is impacting the education of medical students.

Today, we hear from Christos Kontovounisios on 3 new studies being launched that will shed light on how the Covid pandemic is impacting cancer treatment, medical education, and advanced and recurrent rectal cancer.

We applaud Christos and his team and look forward to hearing the results of these studies.

From Christos Kontovounisios,

Clinical Senior Lecturer
Consultant and Colorectal and General Surgeon
Department of Surgery and Cancer
Imperial College London, Chelsea and Westminster and the Royal Marsden Campus:

During the Covid pandemic our team has launched 3 studies: 

  1. Impact of pandemic in colorectal cancer services (   . This is an international collaboration between imperial College, Johns Hopkins and London Business School.
  2. Impact of pandemic in medical education ( . This is a collaboration between Imperial College and Cambridge.
  3. Impact of pandemic in locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer. This is a collaboration with PELVEX collaborative.

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