Do you need to brush up on your Red Trouser Day goodies, and advanced orders for a new Umbrella

With Red Trouser Day season starting soon and with our launch event on 27th April, maybe it’s time to check your wardrobe and see if you need a new team shirt.

We have many options now all branded with the colourful Red Trouser Day logo:

  • Hoodies, Male & Female Shaped £38.50
  • Sweat Shirts (Male & Female) £37.99
  • T-Shirts (Male & Female) £20.99
  • Polo Shirts £30
  • Coffee Mugs £10

Go to the Red Trouser Day Shop:


Be the proud owner of a Red Trouser Day Golf Style Umbrella suitable for all.  Extra thick fibreglass stem and ergonomic tip cup with knurling for extra grip in the wet:

  • double canopy
  • safety push button opening system and shorter
  • ‘snub nose’ spike
  • rubber coated pistol grip handle with decal option and ergonomic, spring-loaded tip cup

 With an early bird offer at £39.99, be one of the first to get a limited edition umbrella.

To place your order go to

Also, join in the fun and send us photos of you wearing your Red Trousers in unusual places.

Send your entry to before 31 Oct 2023, to stand a chance of winning a prize.

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