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Red Trouser Day is proud to be supporting Senior Clinicians to create “PREVAIL” – Improving cancer journeys around Covid

Red Trouser Day is proud to be supporting Senior Cancer Clinicians to help create “PREVAIL” – Improving cancer journeys around Covid

Being diagnosed with cancer is a very traumatic event with patients’ natural instincts telling them that immediate treatment is a necessity. Being diagnosed with cancer at a time of a pandemic or other major disruption to cancer services goes beyond ‘traumatic’. And what if, as a patient, you find out that your treatment is being delayed whilst someone else with the same type and same stage of cancer but at a different hospital is receiving their treatment?

A group of Medical Professionals from hospitals around the UK, recognising the disruption that the Pandemic was causing in the lives and care of those diagnosed with cancer, set out to find a way to improve the realities which they and their colleagues are facing.

Working with patients, a programme called PREVAIL is being developed, which will hopefully change the way hospitals prioritise patients for their cancer treatment, based on their tumour type and risk as well as helping people cope with the high anxiety that comes with any cancer diagnosis.

Red Trouser Day is pleased to be part of this initiative and will be helping to create videos to guide patients through the various stages of their journey and the options open to them.

If you would like to know more or have a medical interest, please send a note to

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