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Red Trouser Day 2018

Today is the third Red Trouser Day and within this short period we have raised a lot of money, some of it is now going to support the excellent research at the Royal Marsden in support of a Robotics Registry and a contribution to a pre-cancer Blood Marker Test.
We are also going to be starting a patient profiling pilot to help the mental wellbeing as they go on their journey.

Our awareness work is saving lives, the fun approach is having a massive difference to patients and their families who are coping with Bowel Cancer and in the process, we have raised over £100,000 so far running at about 85% profitability as we are ALL doing it pro-bono.

Please send in your pictures or post on Twitter / Facebook, more importantly, have some fun.

I am attending Chris Millers new company RSA for lunch and on to the OpenText Quiz in Reading. Both have been great supporters of ours over the last 2 years.
Mark Ellis is running some fun in the London OpenText offices and Kevin Longhurst has organised a guided City Walk at 3.30pm (still space if anyone wants to go). I shall be joining the throng in the pub afterwards (if someone lets me know where it is)
I know others are doing various things, but I don’t have the details.

Let us put our hands together to thank the clinicians, nurses and admin staff of the Royal Marsden who are doing fantastic work in saving lives in the battle against cancer. Their research work gets rolled out across the country and internationally.

From the heart of my bottom thank you and have a fab day 🙂

Attached is a picture of Julia as you have never seen her running in the Mud Monster last Sunday – if that isn’t worth a donation … Also, pay up if you think she should do it again J

Best Regards
Chair of Trustees