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Julie’s Splash Raises The Pool Water and Nets Us £2,550

Red Trouser Day ambassador Julie Mclaren caused an amazing splash at the Flitwick Leisure Centre on Saturday, by running a Zumba class in the swimming pool. Julie a Bowel Cancer survivor wanted to show her appreciation to her friends and family and raise some money for Bowel Cancer Research.

In June 2021, I was rushed to my local hospital with a bowel obstruction. I had none of the ‘known’ symptoms leading up to this event; on the day I was admitted, I felt sick and had an excruciating tummy pain. I had no idea of what was wrong. This was in the midst of the COVID crisis, so nobody could accompany me, nobody could visit me. I felt scared and so very alone.

I had lifesaving surgery on this day and, when I woke up, I had a stoma and five days later, stage three bowel cancer diagnosis. My world has gone from simply perfect to one of fear and uncertainty.

My follow up treatment was at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. I had six months of chemo, along with reversal surgery. My wonderful surgeon, Doctor Rasheed works closely with Red Trousers and he suggested that I contact them. I did and I immediately felt a huge sense of relief knowing that I, Julie was not alone! This wonderful charity is full of people who give their time voluntarily to help people like me. For this, I want to give something back as a way of thanking this amazing team and helping them to move forward on every aspect of the disease – including research, support for patients and – eventually early screening so that this disease becomes something that can be traced, and treated without loss of lives.

I’d like to thank my amazing family and fabulous friends for helping me get through this very dark time, and, of course to Red Trousers who help so many through their genuine kindness and commitment to a wonderful cause.

Love, as always,

Julie xx