Raghda Al-Halawani is the winner of the 2022 Red Trouser Day Competition and she will be sharing with us her project on the use of light based technology to improve early diagnosis, entitled: ‘Monte Carlo characterisation of colon tissue towards an early detection of colorectal cancer’.

Raghda Al-Halawani received a B.Eng. degree in Biomedical Engineering from City, University of London, U.K., in 2021. She is currently in the process of pursuing her Ph.D. degree in Monte Carlo simulations for biomedical applications, specifically the effect of skin pigmentation on the accuracy of pulse oximetry measurement.

In 2022, she received the Miss Marjorie Bell Prize for the highest achieving female studying in the Electronic and Electrical Engineering fields. Her research on the effect of melanin concentration in photoplethysmography has been shared in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology conference in 2022.

Micol Lupi will be sharing her research project that was recently approved by Red Trouser Day in support of Anal Cancer in women.

Micol Lupi is a Surgical Research Fellow undertaking an MD(Res) at Imperial College London. She is working with Professor Tekkis, Mr Christos Kontovounios, Miss Sarah Mills and Dr Irene Chong, who as a team are carrying out research focused on the early detection, treatment and prevention of anal cancer.

Her research focuses on women, the patient group most affected by anal cancer internationally who have been shown to present late with advanced disease due to a lack of education and awareness of risk. In particular, she is looking at building the evidence base to implement pathways for the screening, treatment and surveillance of anal cancer in women with genital dysplasia and cancer, who are at a significantly higher risk of developing anal cancer compared to the normal population.

With the support of Dr Irene Chong and the ICR, she is carrying out exome sequencing in order to gain a deeper understanding of the genetic predeterminants that drive the progression of anal dysplasia to anal cancer, this could facilitate the identification of patients who are at the highest risk of the disease and who would most benefit from treatment.

Our Patron Sir Kenneth Olisa will be helping Paul Finch (our Founder and Chairman) acknowledge the tremendous work undertaken by our supporters and volunteers in raising the awareness and the funds we create for research.


The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, is His Majesty’s representative in Greater London and is charged with upholding the dignity of the Crown. Across the thirty two Boroughs (but not the City of London) he is responsible for the promotion of civic, commercial, voluntary and social activities within London and thus is part of the fabric of London in all its manifestations.