Secrets of Fitzrovia – Guided by Chris Wilkins Molloy

Today this vibrant area, formerly known as North Soho, is home to creative industries and medical research. Over its 200-year history it has also hosted revolutionaries, Bohemians, and eccentrics, and provided the location for Victorian sex scandals and heartbreaking tales of the workhouse.

During this 90-minute walk, you will hear more about the Latin American freedom fighter who may also have been the lover of Catherine the Great of Russia, and the gay bordello that provided extra pocket money for telegram boys. You will see notable classical and modern architecture, and pause to have your senses bamboozled outside a neurological research institute, while finding your way to the Tavern that gave its name to a notorious set of writers, artists and drinkers – the Fitzrovians.

Date: Weds 24th  May, 6.00pm
Costs: £20
Starts: Warren Street tube station, London NW1 3AA
Ends: Fitzroy Tavern, 16 Charlotte St., London W1T 2LY