Red Trouser Day takes…. a walk on the Tate side ……in the company of Art Historian Julija Svetlova. What to expect: Tate Britain was established in 1897 and is the home of British art from 1500 to the present day. We will be looking at a wide range of paintings, sculpture and photographs by J.E. Millais, D. Hockney, J. M. W. Turner, John Constable and Francis Bacon. We will explore stories of women artists who have resisted traditional expectations of what women can and should do, from Mary Beale, who in the 17th Century was arguably Britain’s first professional female artist, to Barbara Hepworth and Rachel Whiteread in subsequent centuries. Julija will be happy to give you an insight into Tate’s acquisition and exhibition policies, too. Hopefully, this Experience will show you how to interpret and respond to a broad variety of artwork and artists’ philosophies and enrich your appreciation for arts in general. Every Art Walk is unique and is tailored to the interests and needs of its attendees. To cinfirm you place, please make a donation by following the button below (£35 recommended)

About your tour guide

Julija Svetlova is an art historian, freelance researcher and a founder of, a provider of art and history related experiences in London (IG @nejasartwalks). She has previously worked as a Collection Research Assistant at the Tate and is now hosting one of the most successful Art Experiences in London.

NEJA’s Art Walks stands for the New Electrifying Journeys through Art. We are a London-based Educational Art project with a passion for storytelling. We run an extensive program of London Art Walks- ‘everything you ever wanted to know about art and more.’

Our goal is to show you fabulous art from a fresh angle, without any preconceived ideas. “Ask questions! Get excited! Let’s talk about art in a way where no answer is too big, or too small, or too right, or too wrong!”is our motto. Instead of lecturing you using a list of dry biographical facts, we try to encourage you to trust your own eyes and instincts and think of art in a more personal way.

Where would we meet

We will be meeting on the steps of Tate Britain Gallery facing the river at 11 am on Saturday, the 19th of November. Julija’s phone number, just in case, is +447935089586.