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Erin’s 78 miles achievement

When I found out dad had cancer, like many (I assume) I felt pretty helpless. There was nothing I could do to fix him – or to make him feel any better- so figured the next best thing to do was to raise some cash that might stop others being dealt the same crappy hand.

I had no desire to run a marathon, or complete an iron man or in fact partake in any other activity that would be physically gruelling from start to finish. Instead, I wanted a challenge that a) I would enjoy doing b) remember fondly in the future and c) others could join in with so that they, too, could do there bit.

This is where the Capital Ring came in handy. A 78 mile series of 15 walks (some made cycles to ensure we made it round in time) that link up green spaces around London. I decided to break it up into manageable chunks over a sunny bank holiday weekend: a 19 mile walk on Saturday; a 50 mile bike ride on Sunday and a 9 mile walk to complete the loop on the Monday. The incredibly well marked route took us through fields and forests; along waterways  and woodland paths. The diversity of the landscape covered made the adventure even more memorable.

Due to its nature, the Capital Ring was able to: encompass my love of exploring the fair city I live in; provide great memories of newly discovered spots that I won’t forget any time soon and most importantly allowed friends and family to join as and when they could, either challenging themselves along the way to a degree that worked for them, or simply to be part of the event/to encourage me along!

The response I have received for completing this challenge is incredible; I am overwhelmed by people’s generosity and support. Although future advances in detection/diagnosis won’t be able to help dad, it will improve outcomes for many others and for that I am proud to have been able to help support the Red Trouser Day team in all that they strive to do in the fight against cancer.

Erin Gilham

Note from RTD:
Erin raised over £2,400 and the Trustees of Red Trouser Day would like to thank her and all her family, friends and supporters for achieving such a brilliant result.