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End of a Lollipop, by Andy Gilham

A note we received from Andy on Thurs night: “When you come to the end of the lollypop”
It’s OK . Seated in a comfortable bed in St Michael’s Hospice in Basingstoke and cannot imagine being cared for by a kinder or more considerate or compassionate group of people. Truly remarkable each and every one in how they care for me; which speaks to the highest levels of humanity that is so often get called into doubt when you watch the news or read the papers. So once gain I am lucky in my choice of where I rest my head. Thank you one and all at St Michael’s


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    Michael Fox says

    Thinking of you Andy as we get ready for tomorrow’s Red Trouser Day Walk – and will be thinking of you as we walk tomorrow. As I read the words above and the words of your other moving post on this site I’m reminded of what I said to you after I had read your “life story.” That you were very good with words both spoken and written and if you hadn’t have made a successful career in HR you would have made a good journalist. You write not only eruditely but so movingly and thoughtfully as well. Mike

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    Pat Taylor says

    Andy, you were in our thoughts today as we walked through Richmond Park. We missed your company but we are relieved to hear that you are comfortable and cared for so well at St Michael’s.

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    CHRISTINE says

    Andy – a true gent ! thinking of you and remembering the support you have given me over the years !
    You never failed to smile and laugh even when it was the last thing you should be doing, this world has been a better place with you in it. Thank you

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