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Calling for What I’d Wish I’d Known Videos

The RTD team are busily building a knowledge based repository using video. We are call on any patients who would like to share their experiences in a 1-3min clip that we can use to help others. Please get involved if you feel you’re able to contribute. Here are some guidelines

What I wish I’d known:

Red Trouser day is getting together short films told from the perspective of the RTD community to help people who have received serious diagnoses and are going to go through what you or your family went through.

They may have just had their diagnosis. We want to help lead people through this time – to give them hope, inspire them, show them they are not alone.

The series is going to be called What I Wish I’d Known. It will be put on our website and YouTube channel.

Filming instructions:

Sit or stand where you are most comfortable at home – a sofa, or in the garden, or kitchen – wherever!

Choose somewhere quiet and not echoey.

Hold the camera about arms length in selfie mode and shoot in landscape, not portrait mode (sideways not vertically), you can ask a friend to hold the camera for you if you’d like.

Say whatever you’d like to say – there is no right answer or right length of answer.

Make it clear that you’re speaking to someone who themselves/ or their family, perhaps by saying something like – “hello, if you’re watching this perhaps you or your family have found yourself where I was a few years ago, this is what I wish I’d known then.”

Start each section with the question so it’s framed a little more.

Imagine you’re speaking to one person in a room.


Tell us who you are?

Tell us about your moment of diagnosis, what did it feel like?

What happened next?

Could you tell us what, looking back now, you wish you’d known then?

What helped you?

What would you say to someone sat where you were sat now?

Perhaps sign off with something encouraging!

When Done

Please add to a drop box account and share with