Red Trouser Day wants to help patients improve their bowel cancer outcomes and experiences at every stage of their treatment. The Red Trouser Day Community (RTDC) aims to put the patient at the centre.

At the inaugural event, RTD asked patients and clinicians to tell us how best we can support them, The evening was attended by RMCH clinicians as well as patients from RMCH and other hospitals and the participants were generous with their views and ideas around their needs in the areas of:

  • Patient Support
  • Patient Information and Education
  • Patient Admin Support
  • Medical Team Assistance

The RTD Community Strategy Team is working to create an enduring, active community that provides strong, practical, positive support for Bowel Cancer patients and their loved ones. The first areas of support to be developed will be those prioritised by the first meeting.

Events will be regularly held to review and expand on this and to explore how RTD can be involved in funding and developing practical assets, in the form of information and technology, assisting the community to initiate and run projects and working with the clinicians to improve patient experience in every way.