Red Trouser Day Interviews

In the  Red Trouser Day interviews we talk to leading experts in their field about their work. You’ll hear in-depth information on a range of subjects relating to Colorectal and Bowel cancers, as well on other subjects that interest our members.

Patient Stories: Tom Brown

In Patient Stories we talk to people who have had Colorectal Cancer and their experiences dealing with this illness. In our first interview we talk to Tom Brown.

Worried about Bowel Cancer?

An animation commissioned by Red Trouser Day about the process of diagnosis and treatment recommendations for people who may have symptoms of Bowel Cancer.

A survivor of terminal bowel cancer talks about dealing with ‘Scanxiety’

NLP master practitioner Tasha Thor-Straten, a survivor of terminal bowel cancer, discusses methods to dealing with ‘Scanxiety’ – the fear and worry associated with hospital scans.

After an intro to NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) she talks about the power of language, and a tool to instantly change how you feel.

Diverticular disease explained

Colorectal Surgeon Christos Kontovounisios explains the symptoms, causes and treatment of Diverticular disease

A nutritionists view of bowel cancer

Giovanni Ognio, head nutritionist and founder of LifeLifting, a nutrition company, gave a presentation to Red Trouser Day about the role of diet and bowel and colorectal cancer.

Happy Red Trouser Day 2020, Awareness Message from Mr Shahnawaz Rasheed , Please Watch the Video regarding things to watch out for

Mr Shahnawaz Rasheed discusses the symptoms of colorectal cancer and the procedure once a patient has signs of a potential cancer

Top 10 Ways of coping with bowel cancer treatment

Top 10 Ways of coping with bowel cancer treatment